Angur brings to you superior quality dals straight from the fertile land of Gujarat. The journey of Angur as a brand began five decades ago in 1965. During those days, people were habituated to buy loose products from kirana stores and thus it became very challenging for us to convince them and change their buying habits. But with our superior quality product, consistency, advanced processing, and full-proof packaging, we succeeded in building a trust for the brand and today we stand true as we say, “guniyal naari ni ek maatra pasand”.

At Angur, our mission is to spread happiness beyond kitchens and we’re happy that the young generation in our team has also inherited the same. We thus strive to excel more and more in providing best quality products that helps consumers stay fit and healthy.


At Angur, our mission is to spread happiness beyond kitchens.

Angur is loved for its superior quality TOOR DAL. And for all the love received over the years, we have also introduced Angur Chana Dal and Angur Besan to our range of products.

We ensure that the inherent qualities and the nutritional value of Dals are never compromised. This gives us all the health benefits that we are looking for. Angur Dals thus help you maintain your health and keeps you fit. We also emphasize on maintaining the consistency of taste. With our advanced facility, processing is done without any human interference. Full-proof modern packaging adds to the freshness and to keep moisture away giving it a longer storage life. With its unmatched quality and consistent taste, Angur has become a household name not just in India but across countries like USA, Canada, UK, Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, Fiji, Ireland, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

With Angur, you'll never go wrong in preparing delicious and mouth-watering dishes for your loved ones.


Because we're simply the best!

Purity - All the ingredients at Angur are selectively picked and preserved with utmost care. Angur has always never believed in the compromising nutritional value obtained from the Dals and thus Angur Toor Dal and Angur Chana Dal are 100% pure. With all the nutritional value, we also emphasize on hygienic processing without any human interference.

Taste - Full-proof modern packaging keeps the freshness intact to maintain the taste as well as keeps moisture away to give a storage life.

Time - Angur Dals because of its purity and freshness has the lowest cooking time. Angur Toor Dal and Angur Chana Dal thus takes less time to cook compared to other Dals. This also enables you to save energy.